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I thought I would put together a little guide on how to navigate the ClixSense site and how things work. If you come across something that I’ve missed, feel free to let me know or ask if something is still confusing.

If you’re interested in joining you can do so HERE

Here are the basic pays that you’ll find on a daily basis:

Ads. You’ll see at the top of the page a spot that says “View Ads” if there is a number after that, it means you have some ads waiting to be watched. Each ad has a value assigned to it that can range from $0.001 – $0.02. The value of the ad will depend on how long you are required to have the ad opened. The $0.001 ads you only have to leave open for 3 seconds, the $0.05 are 15 seconds, the  $0.01 are 30 seconds and the $0.02 are 60 seconds. Once you click on an ad to open it you will be asked to do a “cat captcha”. Basically there are a row of pictures at the top of the page of dogs and a cat. You have to click on the picture of the cat before the ad will start to count down your time. You MUST have the ad page in focus during the time frame, you can’t open it up in the background of doing something else or the time will stop counting down.

ClixGrid – you get 25 clicks on the grid each day and you may or may not win on it. You can win anything from getting more clicks right up to $5.00. In total so far I have won $2.55 from playing the ClixGrid.

Tasks –  This section is where you can go to find small jobs ranging in value from $0.01 up to value $0.10. Some of the tasks are really easy others are very hard and time consuming. Every night at 7pm EST Casino tasks come out and they are valued at $0.07 each. These come out on all the PTC sites but you can only do them on one site and I have found that this site is by far the best value for your time. The casino tasks took like this : Answer a few questions about a website (Canada – Thursday task #3) (Canada Only). These tasks will give you a link to open google in another window and will give you a word or phrase to search (ie. Casino, blackjack online, roulette, etc) then it will ask you to find a specific listing (ie. Deposit $1, Get $20 free…. listing) and click on it. It will then ask you what page you found the listing on, how far down the page, if you like the site, if you would use the site *these are yes/no checkbox questions* and then it may ask you to go the Feature games section and tell them what game is #1, 2 or 3 on the list or it may ask you to go to the Contact us section and give them the phone number listed. After that, just click submit and you’re done. These all credit instantly.

Offers – tab and this is where you’ll find your surveys. They pay between $0.45 and $1.50 generally. If you don’t qualify for them keep checking back, it’s hit or miss with them and again, if you do the surveys on this site you can’t do the same one on another PTC site..but this site has a better pay out on them then others do. They also recently have the Radio Loyalty on the offers tab. I open this up whenever I’m on the computer and run it in the background. Every 10 minutes it will put up a CAPTCHA and when you fill it out, you’ll get $0.01. Radio Loyalty does not count as doing an offer for your bonus though.

You can get a daily bonus each day that you complete the ClixGrid,watch your adds, visit the forum (you don’t have to do anything, just click through to it), do either 5 tasks and 1 offer or 10tasks and 0 offers or 0tasks and 2 offers. Finishing these each day will give you a bonus at the end of the day.

When you have enough to cash out (minimun $8) you just click on cashout beside your balance on the main page. Please note that there is a small fee charged at cashout, this covers paypal fees and you will not be charged any aditional fees from Paypal. It’s small, only 2%. Sites that have points that you trade in to “buy” paypal have these fees worked in to the “point price” so you don’t see them. Cashouts need to be submitted before 5pm EST Friday and Mondays and generally are credited to your paypal on the Monday or Friday depending on when you cashed out or early the next day.

I think that just about covers everything I can think of, but again, if you still have questions or find something I missed, don’t hesitate to ask!