Snacking Takes A Guilt Free Turn #CheeChaPuffs


Hello, my name is Karen and I’m addicted to snacking. I’dd much rather just snack all day long then to sit down and have a real meal…but my snacking downfall, like most people, comes in the evening. I just love to sit and veg out in front of the tv with a bag of chips once the kiddo is in bed.

For a long time now one of my top evening snacks has been CheeCha Puffs. I originally came to know them through a contest they held on their Facebook page, but now I’m extremely happy to say that they are one of our sponsors for our current giveaway (you’ll find the link to enter at the end!) and one of you is going to get the chance to get to know them too, but until then, I’ll give you my views on them.

healthy snacking cheecha puffs

First off, I want you to know that if you have issues with gluten you don’t have to stop reading! They have delicious gluten free flavours AND all of their products are vegan and peanut free which makes them a great recess snack to send to school with my little guy. Their gluten free flavours are Sea Salted Caramel, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Fiesta Salsa, Sea Salt & Spiced Pepper, Luscious Lime and Original. The flavours that they have that are NOT gluten free are Tomato Ketchup, Crispy Dill Pickle, Sweet Cinnamon and my personal favourite, Triple Cheese.

The stores that I find CheeCha Puffs in now have changed from where I found them in the past, and I am finding that the change in stores came with a decrease in my flavour selections which made me a bit sad. The only flavours that I was able to find was Triple Cheese and Crispy Dill Pickle. I was really hoping to be able to try some of the newer flavours but I’ll have to just keep my eyes peeled for them in the future.

CheeCha Puffs are made from hot air puffed potatoes which keeps them low in calories and on the healthy side of snacking. Did you realize that you can have about 60 CheeCha Puff snacks as compared to about 20 potato chips for the same amount of calories? That’s HUGE! Once in a while I think I’ve only had a couple and then I look and …oops! They’re almost gone.

Healthy snacking cheecha puffs

Before I ever tried these for the first time I was concerned that due to being ‘low cal’, they would also be ‘low flave’. I couldn’t have been more wrong. These little crispy wheels are loaded with taste! You can see the cheesy goodness all over them. My husband devoured the Dill Pickle ones before I even had a chance to taste or take a picture of them……soooooo, going on assumption, I figured they were pretty good. He told me that they did really well at quenching the need for salt that he has when snacking. He said it wasn’t overwhelming like some plain, salted chips can be but it was certainly enough that he didn’t care that he wasn’t eating a potato chip.


healthy snacking cheecha puffs








At the end of the day, this is a snack that my whole family loves and I feel absolutely NO GUILT from letting my little one have them.


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**We were provided with coupons for the product in order to facilitate our review. All opinions are our own**

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