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In the last couple of years my son has started to be interested in building blocks so I was happy to have been given the opportunity to try out a Limo set from Sluban.
sluban limo building blocks
Let me first start off by telling you that Sluban blocks are compatible with LEGO, so if you’re concerned about it not fitting with what you might already have, you don’t have to. It’s just a wonderful addition to start building on what you might already have. We have quite a large stash of other brands that had been given to us and I have to say, one thing that always annoyed me was that the kits weren’t ‘complete’….they often didn’t contain the people or they didn’t contain windows, etc, etc.

The Sluban kits come with everything they show in the picture! The limo kit actually has two people with it – yay! You can order this kit off of or off of their website and I have to admit, their prices are really great and they have free shipping!

So, on to the building process. The kit contains small pieces so it’s not recommended for under 3 years old. I thought I’d see if my 6 year old would be able to put it together on his own so I got everything laid out for him and then showed him how to follow the instructions. He was able to put the people together just fine but quickly gave up when it came to the car portion. I’ll insert a disclaimer here – I have a very impatient child and if he doesn’t think he can do it properly the first time and in very little time, then he will often say “forget about it”. I’m confident in saying that many children his age would have been able to have either done this with some patience on their own, or with a bit of grown up help. Since mine wanted nothing to do with the process, I went to work assembling it myself as he waited and asked every five minutes if it was done.

suban limobuild4








It took me about an hour to put together and even though I don’t build with blocks often, I still found the directions easy to follow. The finished car measures approximately 7 inches long and has doors that actually swing open.

sluban limo

It’s been a very welcome addition to the town that my son has been working on (no kits, just full on ideas in his head). He had no cars in his town and now that he has this car he’s been busy laying roads for it to drive on between his houses. I have to say, I love the hours of imagination that building bricks can bring. We don’t often buy full on kits such as this, but Sluban has so many great kits that are at such a great price point that I think we might be ordering some more to help him build on specifics in his town.

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**I was provided with this kit at no cost in order to write a review. All opinions are my own, no other compensation was provided. This post may contain affiliate links**

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