Skin Regime Boot Camp (+giveaway)


How many of you spend a lot of money on expensive creams, lotions and any beauty product you can get your hands on to find the right solution or daily routine that fits perfectly with your skin and that of your families ? The process can sometimes be overwhelming , costly and very time consuming and can sometimes end in No and/or disappointing results.  How many times do you hear about celebrities spending tons of money in beauty spas on exotic pampering services ? Have you ever wondered do these expensive procedures really work and oh how I wish I could afford them ?

skin regime boot camp

I was recently asked to review the Amazon best seller (Also available on Kindle )  “The Skin Regime-Boot Camp for beautiful Skin” and 1-4-All Peel by Dana Ramos. I was pretty excited to try this out as “The Skin Regime-Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin” is a book that claims to help you have GREAT skin simply and easily for much cheaper than the expensive beauty products out there and expensive salon treatments. I also have always had somewhat sensitive skin with  slight reddish tone and of course the now  signs of age ugh!

The book written by Dana Ramos with Dr.David Bank is very informative providing information on caring for your skin right from home including reversing sun damage and aging and all from the comfort of your home and also while using inexpensive products readily available online or at the local drugstore. The book also includes information on hair care and care of hands, feet etc and also make-up. It provides detailed information that touches on a lot of the myths about skin care and the beauty industry. What I find truly amazing is in Dana’s approach to debunk the expensive cosmetic companies lies and myths , where she offers to ANY drugstore or department store product/line and she challenges them against the products and techniques in “The Skin Regime-Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin” check it out here. Now that’s a backing I like to hear.

Dana writes with a touch of humor and you feel like she’s sitting with you in your home chatting with your closest gal pal. The teen girls in my home have already taken an interest in “The Skin Regime-Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin” and are excited to get some great tips and ideas when skin care is so huge part of their lives right now.

You can read the first chapter of “The Skin Regime-Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin” here for FREE! Like the snippet? You can order the book on Amazon here for $11.99

4-1-All Peel

Now onto the 1-4 All Peel, I have tried facial masks before but never a peel so I was quite curious. The only thing I had heard was about celebrities going to posh spas and paying a ton of money to have a peel and I can do this by myself and in the comfort of my own home….woot!

The 1-4-All Peel claims to help in the reduction of fine lines, reduction of acne, fades discoloration(melasma and freckles) , minimizes pore size, reduce sun damage and can help even skin tone and help create glowing skin.

The idea of the 1-4-All Peel  is to be the one stop product for all people & skin types. The ‘all in one’ idea is to be able to moderate, on your own, the strength of the peel (mild to strong) dependent on the layers you choose to apply. Don’t mistake this for a cleansing mask – it’s a peel, you skin will peel after this treatment. It’s simple to apply – simply begin with a clean face, apply the layers of the peel treatment (up to 4 layers), let it sit for the recommended time frame and then wash it off. Simple as that – also note that you must wait a minimum of a week between treatments.

Follow along with me though, I will be doing a whole boot camp treatment, but due to the wait time in between each, it may take me up to two months. I can’t wait to show you before and afters! PS. A little birdie told me the follow up might include another giveaway so stay tuned.

Right now one lucky reader is going to win a sample for themselves! Open to Canada & US




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