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Nova Scotia


Rockabilly Steam

Shop LocalRockabilly meets Steampunk in this vintage, dystopian inspired line of handmade jewelry and accessories. Each piece is unique and rarely are items duplicated, making the majority of the pieces OOAK (one of a kind). Lots of love and time is put into the creation of each piece and the ‘small town momma of two’ shows her appreciation of her customers by offering frequent contests. Pieces are made from a variety of materials and have a raw industrial look. Pieces can be custom ordered as well. Rockabilly Steam is located in Bridgetown, NS.



 Smart Art ~ Plastic Canvas


Shop LocalLet Smart Art ~ Plastic Canvas create a custom and unique piece for you that will make a perfect gift or addition to your home. There are 1000’s of patterns for you to chose from and if nothing catches your eye then run your idea by her and she may be able to design the template for you. Located in Kingston, NS but orders can be shipped anywhere.



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