Salad Pizza ~ Quick & Easy


So , this happens to be one of our favourite meals, especially in the summer time when no one wants to be cooking. It’s the ONLY way my husband will eat a salad. It can be eaten as an appetizer, a side (we often pair it with garlic fingers or a grilled chicken breast) or on it’s own as the full meal.

Salad Pizza with Garlic fingers

Delish with a side of homemade donair garlic fingers


Pizza crust (can make your own or buy a pre-made crust in the bakery section of your grocery store).

Salad dressing of your choice

Salad toppings of your choice (we like Caesar salad on ours so I often just pick up a pre-packaged one from the store).  Ideas could include lettuce, diced tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, bacon bits,  cheese of choice, diced chicken, onions, julienne carrots, cucumber cubes, diced ham, boiled egg….


1. If you have a pre-made crust, put it in the oven directly on the rack to heat up and get crispy. If you’re making your own, spread it on a pan and then cook.

2. When they’re crispy take out and set aside to cool off.

3. Once cooled, take half of the dressing you would use for your salad and spread it on the crust like you would pizza sauce.

Salad pizza crust

Sauce up the crust!

4. Take the other half of the dressing and mix your salad in a bowl as you would to eat it (We find they taste better with dressing mixed into it but you certainly can just put your toppings on the crust and then drizzle the sauce over it if you’d prefer)

Salad pizza mix

Mix up the goods!

5. Take the salad in the bowl and spread evenly over the crust (or if you’re using dry ingredients, lay them evenly over the crust), cut with pizza cutter and serve.

Salad pizza slices

Cut with the pizza cutter


I recommend eating it right away – leftovers will be okay in the fridge until the next day but the crust doesn’t stay crispy and your lettuce may look a bit wilted.

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