Rootflage Is Your Temporary Root Solution


Root regrowth is the battle that many of us fight on a daily, weekly, monthly basis…Have you ever wanted to put a temporary color to hide your roots before salon visits? Or maybe you wanted to try a color that’s a little out there without the damage that constantly dying your hair can cause…or perhaps like me, you just want to cover up some stray gray hairs for a special evening out without the expense of the salon.

I’ve been provided with a Rootflage product to try out and I’d like to let you in on what it’s like. I’ve had gray hairs sprouting since I was in my late 20’s and now that I’m in my mid 30’s they are beginning to take over a little bit. I don’t mind them. I’m going to embrace them. They’re my ‘wisdom streaks’ and I’ve probably earned every one of them 😉 However, on the very rare occasion that we go out for an evening, sometimes I wish I could just cover them up. Or at least tone them down some.
Rootflage root touch up

Rootflage is perfect for those times that I just want to hide them for a few hours. It’s a powder that has a brush (think a blush brush in your makeup bag!) on the top. You simply tip the container upside down, give it a little shake and the powder comes out through the brush. Begin brushing the powder in your hair from the root down the length of your hair to cover where you need it.
Rootflage root touch up
It comes with a tiny little brush that helps you blend the color. When you are happy with the coverage, run a brush through your hair and style as usual. Rootflage is to be applied to dry hair and can also take the place of your dry shampoo if you use it.
The color that I had was Golden Brown and Kaley tried out the Light Blonde shade. You can take a look at the colors on their website to try to make the best match to your hair color. If you’re not sure what color matches best you can send them in a photo of your hair and they will help you or you can order a sampler – up to 3 samples per order you can try out to decide what color you want in the full size. If you’d rather try out the fun new rainbow trends without breaking the bank, they also have fun colors to try out such as pinks, green, blues & purples.

I found that the powder had a bit of glitter to it. When it first arrived my husband thought he’d like to test it out however, once we noticed the glitter he decided it wasn’t for him at all HA! I found it very easy to apply and it did cover my gray hairs. I’m not sure I would use this product if I was going to be out in the rain or anyplace that my hair would be getting wet. Because it just washes out I would be afraid of it running down my face or something. I do recommend washing your hair before you go to bed at night when you have it in as well or you’ll find it on your pillow case in the morning. Overall, for temporary coverage I give this a thumbs up.

Kaley’s blonde hair doesn’t really have much that needs covering and due to the natural color that she has, any grays tend to blend in and are not noticeable. She was not able to see much of a difference when she tried to use it, however, if you are a blonde that tends to have a darker root color…or if you’re a ‘fake’ blonde *don’t worry, we won’t tell!*, then you’ll get good use out of this. Cover those roots and stretch out your salon visits a little bit.

Rootflage wants to give you the chance to try it out yourself. Enter to win a container of Rootflage in your choice of color by entering below. Open to Canada only, ends August 31, 2016

**We were provided this product at no cost in order to facilitate our review. All opinions are our own**

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