Pinching Pennies with Groupon


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If your like a lot like Canadian families, you might need to pinch pennies to keep your budget on track….But lets face it, we still want a dinner out or a girls night out on the town and these are just a few ways Groupon can help you save. We have been using Groupon for many years now as have many of our family members and friends. One thing we frequently use Groupon is for weekend getaways. These days it is a luxury and not affordable for many. Groupon offers many packages and because your FREE Groupon account is geared to your area it’s possible to treat yourself now and then. These weekend packages can include largely discounted weekend getaways with or without meals and /or attractions included in the price.

Niagara Falls Groupon

Does anyone remember these ? These hair straightener brushes have been all the rage and my daughter wanted one OH so bad and I was able to pocket some pennies and snag her much wanted hair straightener thanks to Groupon Goods . You never know what you can save on with a simple search in categories such as Health and beauty, Food and Drink, Health and Fitness and Things to Do.

brush groupon

My eldest daughter lives on her own now and I have to say she has definitely taken after her mama in her frugal ways (toot my horn here!). Groupon is probably her biggest way to put those pennies back in her pocket. She searches Groupon before almost ANY purchase she makes including oil changes, and her indulgences like getting her nails done and salon visits. Seeing her take charge of her expenditures and appreciating being frugal and saving money is a proud mama moment each time that’s for sure.

nail salon Groupon

And who doesn’t like a dinner out once in a while ? Date nights with your honey are important, right ? I don’t know about you but, a dinner out at a fraction of the cost is all that more enjoyable. Check your local listings in your area and you just may be able to check out that NEW hot spot you’ve been dying to try out but just can’t afford. You just may be savoring in that delicious local fare sooner than you thought! Bon Apetit!

Looking for gift ideas and pocketing more pennies ? Groupon Goods  make for gifts too. We have received some GREAT gifts from friends and family members that we may have never thought of or enjoyed and at a great savings to them too!

So what are you waiting for folks? Check out Groupon and join them on facebook and twitter too. It’s time to put those pennies back into your pocket. Feel free to share your great finds with us on social media.

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