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Did you ever just stand back and take a look at all of the millions of beauty/shower products that are available and wish that there was an easier way to sort through them? I mean, honestly, who wouldn’t love a big flashing neon sign over the ones that don’t harm the environment, are organic and are not tested on animals?

Well, consider this your flashing neon sign! We’re so excited to be working with Coslys and can’t wait to introduce you to them. They are a company that prides itself for making products for the whole family that are made from vegetable ingredients grown without the use of chemicals. Their products are certified organic and they do not use any animal products in their ingredients. Not only does this company ensure their products won’t hurt the environment but they also ensure that the factory their production takes place in is compliant with HQE standards (HQE is the High Quality Environmental standard in France).

The three products that we were provided to review for you are the Repairing Mask for Dry & Damaged Hair, The Exfoliating Body Gel & the Universal Cleansing Gel.

The first product I tried was the hair mask – I really didn’t think my hair was that ‘damaged’, however, once I saw the before/after, I realized how wrong I was. The directions say to coat your hair with the mask after it’s wet and let it set for 3-5 minutes. Because it was the first use, I left it on my hair for the full five minutes and then rinsed it out (I applied after my shampoo). After I finished my regular blow dry I couldn’t believe how soft my hair felt. Usually my hair is quite full of static and I have to use some hairspray just to keep it from flying away. After the treatment, aside from it being silky and shiny, I found there was no need for the hairspray. See the before and after for yourself (The ‘before’ was taken the morning before using my regular products, directly after my wash & blow dry routine. The only thing I did different in the ‘after’ photo was that I used the hair mask during my washing process).

coslys organic

The Exfoliating Body Gel has a very nice, light scent of tangerine. Its enough to wake me up and make me smile in the morning but not enough to make me feel like everyone around me can smell it when I walk by. Now, for some people, the minute you say ‘exfoliating’ they automatically think of harmful beads in the product that are no good for the water ways that they get washed into. No fear, Coslys Exfoliating Body Gel scoffs off the dry skin by using crushed almond shells. The change in seasons always wreaks havoc with my skin and I generally find myself dry and itchy during these times. I’ve now been using this body gel in place of my regular body gel for a week and a half and my skin is noticeably softer and the itch of dry skin is gone. There is no film left behind either. Once your rinse, you feel nothing but clean.

coslys3 organic

I received the Coslys Canada Universal Cleansing Gel and although I am one for scents (I love love love scents) but this Universal Cleansing Gel had none and I still love it. Give me a one stop use for everything (ALL those bits and pieces and more) and I am sold. I can especially see this gel being my next favorite for use at the trailer. No need to bring a ton of bottles to the shower to get the job done…..easy peasy right ? Also, it’s environmentally friendly – this is a huge plus for me in helping to protect our Northern Ontario lakes.

This gel is slightly thicker than water and is not greasy or slimy in the least. It leaves NO residue. With 99.5% of the total ingredients being from natural origin and the rest being made up of the organic farming it is perfect for the most sensitive of skins. It is recommended for babies, kids and adults woohooo….we’ve got the whole fam jam covered!

coslys skin care organic

Not only is this universal gel plant based it also provides soothing plant extracts and can be used for hands, face, body AND hair….BAM!!! It is aslo suggested to use alone or add with any ingredients should you choose so I am going to try adding some essential oils when I get my shipment soon…that should be fun. Being that the Universal Gel is soap-free, fragrance-free and dermatologist tested I would have to say THANKS Coslys Canada for my new go-to product!!!

coslys skin care organic

Coslys has products suitable for the whole family. They have a baby line, feminine products, as well as products for the whole families face, body and hair. Take a peek at their website and find them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram as well.

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**We were provided with products in order to facilitate our review. All opinions are our own**

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