Makin’ bacon-it’s easy!


Well you know the saying “everything is better with bacon” and let me tell you everything is even better with homemade bacon.

best bacon

homemade bacon


With so many nitrates, sugars and preservatives in store bought bacon and with the rising prices of bacon , I decided I wanted to try my hand at a healthier and cheaper version and I always as many of you already know like to stick to the “back to the basics’ method in the kitchen as much as possible.

The first step to making homemade bacon is to buy  pork belly most stores don’t carry pork belly so it is best to source your pork belly from a local farmer or specialty butcher’s and you can ask for a heritage pig or wild boar. We received a 20 lb pork belly and it was organically pastured and antibiotic free wild boar I ordered ours from Harrington Lane Farms located in Puslinch , Ontario.

pork belly

20 lbs wild boar pork belly

The pork belly came with the skin off and in two 10 lb pieces, next was to dry cure the pork belly the following recipe was for again 20 lb of pork belly so you may have to adjust according to the weight that you are curing. You can also add whatever you wish to experiment with flavours. Rub the below recipe on all sides of the bacon and then place in air tight seal able container in the refrigerator for 7-10 days to cure. I flipped the pork every few days to ensure flavours were soaking in to flavour the meat on both sides.

5 chopped fresh garlic cloves

10 tbls sea salt

10 bay leaves

5 tbls fresh cracked pepper

5 tsp rosemary

5 tsp thyme

5 tsp fennel seed

5 tsp paprika

dry cured pork

dry cured pork belly

And this was the pork belly after 10 days of curing

cured pork belly

pork belly dry cured

Now to smoke the pork belly, we used apple wood chips as apple and pork go together so perfectly. We brought the smoker up to 200 degrees fahrenheit and smoked the pork belly for about 3 hrs or to 135 degrees internal temperature keeping the smoker at 200 degrees.

smoking bacon

homemade smoked bacon

We then baked the pork belly at 200 degrees fahrenheit in the oven for 30-45 minutes or until 150 degrees internl temperature.

makin bacon

makin bacon

Slice bacon with meat slicer to desired thickness and package up to store in the freezer and ENJOY! This is honestly the BEST bacon I have ever tasted and I can assure you we will not be going back to store bought ever again!

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