Learning’s Fun With Safari Tales #Review


I’m so excited to let you know about this new app that’s out called Safari Tales! It’s not often that I find an app that I really enjoy my son playing but I have not only been allowing him use of my tablet to play this, I’m actually encouraging him to play it instead of watching a tv program when he’s bored. Honestly, I’m willing to give up my tablet to him for this one and I’m sure you will to!

learning fun safari tales

So let me tell you a bit about it – Safari Tales is an app that is geared towards children aged 4 – 10 years old. The characters in this game are Camara (the lion), Eshe (the elephant), Rudo (the croc) and Zane (the leopard). Your child will explore the safari with these adorable animals and will come across a whole lot of adventures along the way.

As your child explores and completes their adventures, the app takes their adventures and the facts that they’ve learned and creates a story that you and your child can go back and read later. Each play of the game creates a new story to add to their collection. It’s a fantastic way to work on his beginner reading skills.

learning fun safari tales

If your little player has a question, the meerkat in the corner will help them out. They can click on him and word wheels will come up that will allow them to build their own sentence. This is a fantastic tool for helping children to not only begin to recognize words but also for learning how they work in relation to each other while working on sentence building skills – they are able to figure out that a proper sentence has a beginning, end and middle. My son is starting to write more and I am noticing that he is using more then two or three words to make a sentence and give his story more detail. Putting these questions together on the app are really helping him figure out this skill. Even though he’s been told about sentence structure, he’s a visual learner and has picked it up much faster from seeing it on the screen in front of him then having oral directions alone.

Learning Fun Safari Tales

The Safari Tales app also features a Parents Corner that parents can access (via PIN code) and set specifications on the game such as age level and time restrictions. I love this option as I don’t generally let my son use games for a long time so I can set him for 15 or 20 minutes and then he’s done. I also like that I can customize it to his age level. Too often I get him a game and even though he falls into the recommended age bracket, it’s a bit above his skill level – this leads to nothing but frustration and he ends up not wanting to use them at all.

In the words of my son when I asked him what he though of the game: “I love finding fossils! I feel like a real dinosaur digger when I find them. It’s really a lot of fun to change the colors on my animal to. I can make it blend in or I can make it really bright. My favorite was when I made him red with green dots. The animals are just so cute. I just want to turn them into stuffies so I can cuddle them. I like this game a lot. It’s fun”

Safari Tales Learning Fun

The Safari Tales app has won many awards including the Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) award. I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for PTPA approved products as I know they have high standards for the products that they give their seal of approval to.

All in all, I think it’s $3.99 well spent – check it out for yourself on their website, Facebook or Twitter and you can find it on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon

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