Lampe Berger ~ Style and Fragrance combine


Lampe Berger has the ultimate combination of style and function with their beautifully crafted pieces of home fragrance burners. There are so many beautiful lamps that you’re going to have a hard time deciding on just one. They have something to compliment every home’s style.

We were sent the London White lamp in white (also comes in black and indescent colors) and is made out of porceline. The lamp comes with the funnel to fill it mess free with the burner solution (90% alcohol), the stopper and the catalytic burner. This burner stands approximately 19 cms tall and the base diameter is 8 cm and it is able to hold about 450 mls of solution. Burner section will last for approximately 200 lightings before needing to be replaced.

Lampe Berger London White lamp

Beautiful design

Lampe Berger lamp accessories

The lamp accessories











To get your lamp set up, you remove the silver flame top (it just sits on), then unscrew the cap and pour burner solution of your choice in using the funnel. Fill your lamp up no further then 2/3 of the way and then you take the burner and wick attachment and insert the wick to the solution. Screw the burner on to the top, return the silver flame and let set for about 20 minutes for the wick to soak up the solution. After that you’re ready to light your beautiful lamp and let it get to work making your home fresh.

Lampe Berger set up steps

Easy to set up

How exactly does it work?

You light the burner and allow it to burn for about 2 minutes and then blow out the flame. Let it sit for a maximum of 20 minutes (they recommend one minute for every cubic meter of room space up to the maximum of 20 minutes) and then put the stopper on. During the 20 minutes after the flame is put out, the system diffuses a nice, light scent into the air at the same time using it’s patented technology to cleanse the air and truly rid it of unwanted scents, not just covering them up. They have a HUGE variety of different scents that you can purchase or if you just want a fresh, clean, no scent home they have one called So Neutral. If you begin with one scent and decide to switch to another in your burner, they recommend burning So Neutral for 30 minutes in between the change so that the fragrances do not mix together.

I have been enjoying it in my living room but occasionally move it up to our bedroom when I’m up there. Our dog spends a lot of time in our room so now that the weather is colder and I can’t air the room out daily it tends to smell like dog. I noticed a huge difference with the odour in the room once I had used the lamp in there. The air was much fresher ~ even my husband asked how I got it smelling so fresh.

Lampe Berger products are sold in various stores across Canada – you can check to find a store near you on their Store Locator. You can also give them a follow on Facebook , Twitter, and Pinterest to keep up to date on all of the latest fragrances and lamp styles that they roll out.

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**We were provided with this product in order to facilitate our review. All opinions are our own**

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