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We love seeing our fans names on winners lists – it gets us very excited, SO we want to make sure that you are getting your entries in for the contests and not being disqualified (unknowingly) because you didn’t enter properly. Here’s a run down of how to make sure your entry gets counted in different types of contests I hope this helps and if anyone has questions feel free to ask! We love questions! If you have them, that means someone else is wondering the same thing so ask away!




If we share a post for a contest on our Facebook page that says you must like/share/comment to be entered, YOU MUST click through to the ORIGINAL page we shared it from. ****You will be able to find the original page by checking the top of the post. It will say “Kaley Davies shared {page name’s} photo“.**** Click on the page name and then find the same post on that page to complete the like/share/comment steps on. You must also Like the page that the contest is on and your shares MUST be set to PUBLIC. If the page owner can’t see your share, then it can’t be counted.




If you follow a link to a contest where you have to do Raffelcopter entries, there are some entries that HAVE to be done in order to enter you. Skipping these entry options will disqualify you if you’re chosen as a winner. Generally, any page Likes on the Raffelcopter will be mandatory ~ especially if the giveaway is sponsored by a page/company. You will need to be a fan of all the sponsors as well as the page that is hosting the contest. Twitter/Pintrest and any of those types of entries are optional so if you don’t do them, no worries, you’re still entered, you just may not have as many ballots in as some others who did do them.

Lots of pages (ours included) will have a post about the giveaway that they ask you to like/share along with the raffelcopter entries. We do this to help get the word out about the contest ~ Share the fun with people who may otherwise miss out because they‘re not a fan of the page. Just remember that even if you like/share, you still need to fill out the raffelcopter. If the contest post doesn’t have a link to the raffelcopter, just check the top of the page for the Contest tab and click on it.


REFFERAL contests:


These are love/hate contests. Some people love them, others hate them. If we post up a contest for a page that is doing a referral contest (eg. The person who sends the most new referrals to our page by {date/time} and have them let us know you sent them will win {prize} ) you just head over to the page it was shared from, Like it if you don’t already, then start sending your friends over and getting them to say you sent them. NOTE: If you hear of a referral contest from us but do not want to say we referred you, we do not get offended! While we appreciate you letting them know we sent you, we do not want you to feel like you have to 🙂


Facebook Parties:


These are starting to pop up more then ever. If you’re taking part in a Facebook party there are a couple of different ways that they might be done.

A) Some Facebook parties will post a question on their wall every 15 – 30 minutes throughout the day and will leave the questions open to answer until into the evening at a set time. This gives you the chance to go in when you get the chance at any point of the day to leave your answer to the question in the comments (your answer/comment is your entry for that prize). Winners are chosen after the party and often announced the following day from the comments on each prize post question.

B) Other Facebook parties last only an hour or two and each question is time limited (Ex. you might have only 15 minutes to get your entry in for each question prize). Sometimes at the end of these parties winners are announced shortly after then end, other times they might be announced the next day.

The host of these parties will let you know what layout they are using before the party starts and will also let you know if they plan on announcing winners at the end or the following day. If you do not see this information somewhere don’t hesitate to send them a message to find out.


Twitter Parties :

We have a whole post dedicated to Twitter Party info that you can find HERE


Contest winners are contacted different ways by different contests and usually have only a small window of time to claim their prize before a redraw is done ~ usually 24-72 hours. Please keep track of the contests you entered, what the end date is on them and what page they were on so you can go back and check on them. A good way to do this is to just keep a note pad beside your computer and make a quick note each time you enter something.

Winners are sometimes notified by email so make sure you’re checking your junk box carefully as often that’s where winning emails will go. Also keep in mind, if you enter something and it didn’t ask you for an email address to contact you at (ie. entering with rafflecopter), then the email address that rafflecopter will give the contest host will be the one you use to sign into Facebook. Make sure you check that email often! Some people do not use that email for anything but Facebook and will often miss wins because they do not check it!

Some Facebook pages will message the winner if they can (Please note that it is not always possible for a page to message someone! Most times pages can not send messages unless the person has sent one to the page first. Privacy settings on profiles also prevent messages being sent sometimes and when you do get a message from a page it will often be from the page administrators personal profile – not the page itself). Did you know that everyone has a message box called “Other”? If you bring up your messages (see all), up at the top left you’ll see Inbox Other. Messages from people who aren’t on your friends list usually go into the Other box. Check on that occasionally too. And other times the page will just post up a winners list which is why it’s good to keep track of what page the contest you entered was.

So, I hope I didn’t leave anything out, if you think of something I missed, please feel free to let me know and I will edit this and add to it! 🙂

Happy Contesting!

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By nicolthepickle Tue Apr 8th 2014 at 7:49 am  

Thanks for the information! it’s especially helpful about the “other” facebook e-mail inbox thingi.

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