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My hair often gets too long in between cuts and usually ends up driving me crazy. I don’t get to the salon nearly enough and where I have bangs, they need to be kept up or they are down in my eyes…it’s my hairdressers pet peeve when I trim them myself to try to make do until I can fit a visit in. Since I’m not a hairdresser myself, often my bangs are slightly off kilter and I always wish I had something that would help me out with this problem.

creaclip hair cut

I’ve been lucky enough to try out and introduce to you the CreaClip from CreaProducts. CreaClips are plastic clips that you close around your hair and it has a built in level – simply ensure the level is showing that you are straight and then you can get to work trimming along the edge of the clip. There is a straight across clip for blunt edges and then there is another that is slightly curved for a bit of a softer edge. The level rotates so you can do angles with no problems at all. The package we got to try came with a DVD that you can watch and it will give you tips on how to use them along with tutorials on how to make different styles.

creaclip hair cut

My son has been trying to grow his hair this summer but the way it goes in the back, the sides do not grow straight down, they come together to meet in the middle of his head which makes it look like he’s got a rat tail going on….let me tell you, that’s one hairstyle that I’m not about to try to bring back so we decided that we needed to try to trim up the back a bit so this would not happen. The smaller clip was perfect. It gripped his hair even though it’s still pretty short. I will admit that it’s a huge learning curve to use though – I would put the clip in and it was showing level and then all the sudden it would be off.

ceaclip hair cut

I couldn’t tell if I had shifted the clip and the clip was no longer level or if he had shifted his head and it was simply his head position that changed it. I would suggest that you play around with clipping it in and getting used to the level, etc a few times before you actually take the plunge and make the first snip.

I have since used it a few times to hold my bangs over until I get to my hair appointment and the results have been great. I have a feeling I won’t be getting a lecture from her this time around 😉

creaclip hair cut

You can get the CreaClips separately or you can get a package deal where you get both the straight and curved clip along with a pair of scissors…These scissors are SHARP! People, I’m telling you, be careful with them and keep them well away from children. I can testify to this because I nicked myself with them.

CreaProducts make more then just clips for keeping your hair tidy – they also make gadgets for nails, lashes and pets. They also have a wide variety of accessories such as clips, capes, shears, brushes and more. They have a series of How To Videos on their website that you can check out HERE


CreaProducts would like to offer you the chance to try this out yourself! Enter to win a CreaClip Delux pacakge (includes both clips, scissors and DVD). Open to Canada only, ends August 31, 2016


**We received these items at no cost in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own**

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