Helping with Tabs


Okay guys, I’m taking a moment to share my “Proud Mom” feelings with you

My son’s school collects pop tabs for the Tabs for Wheelchairs program and let me tell you, he collected his little heart out and recently turned in his tabs to the school….he collected (with help from lots of fabulous people who collected them and turned them over to him) a whooping 11.5 lbs of tabs! Our walks consisted of him watching for stray cans that had tabs on them and stuffing them into my coat pockets to take home to ‘harvest’ the tabs. He would go through recycle bins of our family members to take all their tabs off their cans and would ask anyone he could to help him save. If someone said that they only had a couple, he would say “Every little tab helps!”

Tabs for Wheelchairs

He was beaming with pride the morning he was taking them to the school and couldn’t wait to show his teacher how many he had gotten. The school in total donated a total of 108 lbs of tabs. FANTASTIC!! So, now we start again for next year 🙂

If you want to help donate contact us and we can try to make arrangements if your in the area or you can check out Kaley’s tab collecting HERE and help her family out if you’re in that area. Not in either area but still want to donate? Check your area, here in Nova Scotia, it’s the Kinsmen group that collects the tabs.


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