Healthy Eating Made Easy With NuNaturals #Giveaway


We are so happy to be able to review NuNaturals to bring you all some fabulous healthy products! I know we are not the only ones who have dietary concerns in our families and we hope that by bringing these products to your attention, we might be able to help you accommodate your families needs easier.

Kaley in particular has a host of dietary needs ranging from food sensitivities to vegan eaters to also prepare for. The NuNatural products are all natural and plant based products which has made it easier for her to fill everyone’s needs without anyone having to give up anything.

Growing up with a diabetic in my family, we were used to the aspartame (gasp!) in many of the products that we had in our pantry but in more recent years, Stevia has been moving in and taking over as a healthier alternative to aspartame. NuNaturals have some great products called NuStevia and you can get them in powders, liquids (flavoured or not) and extracts so you can find exactly the right ones for your needs. NuStevia is a line they have created that features the highest quality of stevia blends and extracts that they could possibly find and they are not bitter the way some stevia products can be. NuStevia products are low (to no) calorie healthy substitutes for sugar and other artificial sweeteners.

They have a wide range of products that will fill your every need from simple drink sweeteners to baking and cooking products. To name a few they carry oat fiber, unflavoured gelatin, coconut sugar, pure xylitol along with health products such as liquid throat control spray, extra energy, pure liquid elderberry and so much more that you can find HERE! We’re going to highlight a few for you below but be sure to check out their Recipe section for some wonderful ideas. You’ll find everything from drinks, frosting, treats & meals. There will be something for everyone, however, if you venture off and substitute their products with your own recipes, they have a spot where you can submit recipes to them as well.

Kaley got busy with the products as soon as she got them and quickly fell in love with them. She found them easy to use and very versatile in her kitchen. Here are just a few things that she has used NuNatural products in:

First up, chocolate chip cookies! Nothing fancy here just a simple substitution to her tried and true cookie recipe for some of the flour for NuNanna flour. **NOTE: Rule of thumb for substituting banana flour is that you use 25% less banana flour then regular flour. So, if your recipe calls for 1C of flour, you would use 3/4C of banana flour instead. Kaley mixed hers half of her regular flour and the other half of what the recipe called for she subbed in banana flour.

NuNaturals healthy substitutes

She also used the banana flour to do a simple coat on chicken wings. Simply leave the skin of the wings wet in their own juice, toss them in the banana flour and then pop into the oil until cooked. A simple and quick crowd pleaser!

nunaturals healthy substitutions

For those of you who don’t know what banana flour is (I didn’t!), here’s the deal. It’s basically green, unripened bananas that have been peeled, sliced and then dried. After they are dried they are ground into a powder. This makes them gluten free, high in potassium and vitamins/minerals and the flour made from them does not taste like banana so there is no fruity flavor added to your food. Add a quick scoop to smoothies for a big health boost.

Kaley has made use of the NuStevia products by using them to substitute the sugar that is called for in her Chow Mein and Thai Mango Salad all with fabulous results. She also made a Roasted Sweet Potatoe &  Squash soup (stay tuned, recipe will follow shortly!). Just before the soup was ready to be served she added in some of the Gelicious Unflavoured Gelatin. This gelatin can also be used in things such as jellies, desserts, smoothies, sauces and so much more.

nunaturals healthy substitutes NuNaturals healthy substitutes

I personally have been bumping up my morning coffee a bit by removing the sugar that I normally use and adding in Cocoa Stevia. My little guy loves using the Cocoa Mint in milk and I call it as win as it gets him to drink milk without a fight and without having to give him added sugars. This syrup is thick and I could easily see it being used as a topping for frozen yogurt or even as a cheesecake topping.

healthy substitution

So, we’ve introduced you to some of the fine products offered by NuNaturals and we encourage you to go and try them yourself. To help you get started, they are offering a discount code for 15% off your total purchase. Enter Code:  BLG1216  at check out (valid until December 31, 2016). They also offer free shipping for Continental US on orders over $35 (once all discounts are removed). But that’s not all! NuNaturals has also been kind enough to offer FOUR prize packs valued at approx. $70 each. Note: Prize can not be delivered to a PO Box. Contest is open Worldwide and ends December 21, 2016

**Disclaimer: We were provided these items at no cost to review. All opinions are our own. will be collecting names/mailing info from winners and passing it along to the sponsor for prize shipment. is not responsible for the shipment of the prizes**

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