Head Lice Issues (& Giveaway)


I’m sure by now many of you have been hearing about the new “super lice” that have been turning up around parts of the USA – they’re becoming resistant to the over the counter lice treatments. Before you panic and wonder what you’ll do if you are unfortunate enough to encounter these pesky and annoying bugs, I’m going to fill you in on some products that you absolutely need to keep in your home to combat the lice problem should it ever grace you with it’s presence.

Last year, for the first time ever, we had lice come into our home through the kiddos that I look after. Needless to say, as you can imagine, it spread like wildfire through almost all of the children here.

The children were getting their lice treated at home with over the counter chemical treatments but it just wasn’t cutting it. Before I was introduced to the next product, I spent the better part of my day every day for over a month picking nits out of children’s hair. I mean HOURS. Some days I spent up to 6 hours of the day combing through and picking. It was tiring, the kids hated it and it gave me awful headaches. If you’ve been through this before you know how awful most of the combs are that come with the over the counter treatments. The teeth are just too far apart and nits slip right through them. They are basically useless.

Finally, after getting fed up with not being able to get things cleared up with the kiddos using over the counter treatments at home, I decided to break out the product that a friend had sent me and treat the kids myself until they were clear. I used Lice Squad products! Never heard of them? Don’t worry, I hadn’t until that point either but I am telling you, my home will NEVER be without them. I have a bottle currently in my closet as a ‘just in case’.  Here’s the deal: Lice Squad products DO NOT contain chemicals like the over the counter treatments do – they instead contain plant enzymes….this means that no matter how much you use their products, lice will not become resistant to this treatment. YAY! Another great thing? They have designed their own Lice Squad knit comb and it’s FANTASTIC! You will only be able to get this comb from them – people, it works! It’s metal, the teeth are nice and close and they are grooved so they really do catch the nits and remove them for you!

Each small bottle of treatment will have enough product for you to do treatments for 1-2 people for two weeks (depending of course on how much hair each person has). A large bottle will treat 3-5 people so it’s great for families. Looking at the bottle you might not realize this. I know I didn’t think it would when I saw it but then when I read the instructions I got it. You actually just mix a little bit with your conditioner and then slather it on your hair and wrap a towel around the hair and let it sit for about an hour. After the hour is up, divide the hair into four sections and work one section at a time. Use their comb to comb through each section going in all directions. Wipe the comb after a few swipes on paper towel (or another light colored cloth). You’ll see the nits in the conditioner when you clean the comb. Once you can comb through the section 5 or 6 times and come up with ‘clean’ wipes, you’ve gotten all of the knits and can move on to the next section.

I treated all of my kiddos with this and the lice we had battled with over the counter treatments for over a month were gone in less then a week! I treated everyone (6 kids) with less then 2 hours of combing and we haven’t had any lice in the house since! I did do the follow up treatment but came up clean with everyone. The children who I was told at drop off came up clean with their check at home with the OTC stuff, came up with TONS of knits when I did this treatment still. I even found some dead adult lice on their scalp when the hour was up.

Head Lice Issues

These are nits combed from the hair of the child that was thought to be ‘cleared’ by OTC products

I highly recommend you splurge on the kit to start out so you have everything you need and then just pick up the product as you need it after that. $1 from each kit sold goes to the Children’s Aid Foundation which, as someone who used to work for Children’s Aid, I really love. The bottle that comes with the kit works out to about $3.50 per application which is much less then what you would spend of the medicated over the counter treatments. They also have a shelf life of 5 years so they’re good for having on hand.

Not sure what lice look like and would like a second opinion? They have a free Lice Diagnosis section on their website that you can find HERE.  They also offer in home treatments where you can book them to come to your home and do the treatments for you. Kaley’s had this service done and she was so happy with the results that she highly recommends it to anyone who finds themselves in that position. They leave you with information on the follow up treatment schedule, general information about head lice. If you find yourself in a school area like Kaley’s that won’t allow children back to school if lice has been reported to them until they have been checked out and cleared by Health Canada, Lice Squad *in some areas* is a Health Canada approved treatment.

On September 17, 2015 they are hosting a Head Lice Awareness Day if you’re interested in checking it out you can find their press release HERE or you can find it on their website HERE. They also have a Head Lice Awareness coloring contest going on for children ages 3 -13. You can find more information about it HERE.

Lice Squad is offering one of our lucky readers a chance to win a Lice Squad kit valued at $80+. Enter below, Canada & US

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