Grocery Shopping With Kids


Folks, grocery shopping with kids might just have gotten easier for me (And maybe you too?!). There’s nothing I dread more each week then having to go grocery shopping. It never fails that no matter what I do, my kiddo walks through the doors of the store and is suddenly STARVING! He wants everything and it gets to the point where I just say ‘No’ every time he even looks like he’s going to say something.

I was happily surprised last week when I went to the Superstore for the first time in a while and what was the first thing I saw as we walked through the fruit department? A basket of bananas with a sign on them – “Free Fruit for Kids”.
Grocery Shopping with kids free fruit
I was so appreciative of this gesture from the store and my son was over the moon that he was able to have a bite to eat while we shopped. I know they always have the cookies available upon request but I don’t like him having cookies all the time so we often skip it. The fruit is an awesome trade out that keeps both of us happy.

I also stopped at my local Sobeys on the way home, and although they didn’t have the basket out like Superstore did, they did have a sign immediately inside the door that read you could request an apple, banana or cookie for your child at the bakery for while you shopped.

So, high five to the company for offering healthy treats for the kiddos – I’m a happy mama.

Do your stores have anything like this yet?

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