Gone Are The Days….


Gone are the days that a fire drill at school would be the scariest thing to happen. Today our children not only do the ever important fire drills, but they also do ‘lock down drills’. Let that sink in for a minute. Our babies, starting at 5 years old (some possibly 4 years old), are learning how to be safely locked in their classrooms with their teachers…how to stay quite and out of the line of sight from the window in the door.

Props to our school’s teachers in making sure the children are not afraid of this drill – our children are told that it’s in case a bear or wild animal gets into the school from the forest outside. My son is more afraid of the loud noise of the fire drill then he is of his lock down drills so I guess that’s a good thing.

As a mom? Well, it scares me. Lets be honest here. I’m terrified that we live in a world that our children need to be prepped for this kind of stuff at such a young age. I’m terrified that these things need to be on their little minds. They should be worried about playing, laughing and learning how to count to 100…not how to survive an active shooter in their school.

I live in a very low key, quiet province and this week, I honestly feel like things in our little corner of Canada is going crazy. There have been bomb threats coming out the a** this week. Like, daily. Multiple times a day even. It’s insane! I don’t remember anything like this going on before. Luckily all threats have turned up nothing but really? What’s going on? At the start of the week, all the Community college campuses were evacuated and shut down in the province as well as all elementary schools in the neighboring province?! This is no joke. In 48 hours alone this week there were 7 threats…7! And the number is higher now as there’s been at least one daily since Tuesday. Stats provided by our local newspaper said there are usually between 5 & 17 per YEAR in our city over the last 6 years…so in one week, we’ve already surpassed the total for most years.

I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t know when it’s going to stop. I just know that I have never before been afraid to let my child go to school and this week, I have serious anxiety about it. I have full faith in the staff at our school though and I know they will do everything in their power to keep our children safe. I hope that whoever is doing this gets caught soon. We need our schools to be a safe haven again.

Do the schools in your area to lock down drills?

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