Frankfurters (sausage) are best homemade


Sausage also known as frankfurters are ALWAYS best homemade.For a long time now my motto in the kitchen is “back to the basics” as much as possible. I find it very rewarding to make something from scratch that way I know what’s going into it and it ALWAYS tastes better homemade. About five years ago we starting making our own homemade sausage or frankfurters  and I have to tell you I haven’t bought a store bought sausage since and I don’t think I will ever again. Another great reason to make your own sausage is you can so many fabulous flavours and save money at the time.

homemade sausage

making sausage


There are so many flavour pairings you can try using different meats like chicken, pork,turkey,wild game, fruits,vegetables and herbs and spices. It is best to shop around for pricing for meats, casings and fresh ingredients and plan ahead. You can find ratios for your ingredients online you can write out your recipe or find recipes online or in sausage making books. We have an appliance that both grinds and stuffs but we have since invested in a stuffer that is way less tedious and way more time consuming as we tend to do 30-40 pounds at a time with friends. We have found that we have a groove and after the first few times  I am sure you will find yours too and it will start taking less and less time as you find those grooves. Now we make our sausages or frankfurters without any preservatives or fillers so any sausages that are not consumed within a few days are packaged and frozen. Below I am going to write my recommendations and tips that have have found and learned along the way. I hope you all can get creative and come share your ideas and tips along the way. I will share a basic recipe at the end of this post but I can’t share any of our personal recipes as they are guarded by a secrecy pact amongst our sausage making crew.

sausage making

making your own sausage


sausage DIY

sausage DIY


Kaley’s sausage making tips:

1. Ask your butcher how many casings you will need versus pounds of meat and buy some extras until you master the art of sausage making.

2.Before stuffing sausage always taste the recipe by making and cooking up a small patty before stuffing to ensure the taste is where you would like it.

3.Always have lots of disposable gloves on hand.

4.cover and clean all surfaces constantly (we use under flooring wax paper found at home improvement stores) is best to freeze meat before grinding for an hr or two before hand to make cutting and grinding easier.

6.Soak casings in water and funnel through with water to remove salt.

7.Keep a pin on hand to prick air holes while stuffing.

8.Always keep meat and ingredients very cold at all times.

9.Have a marker and freezer bags ready and if possible freeze sausages slightly before bagging.

Please come back and share your sausage making stories and pics we would love to hear and have fun!

home made sausage

sausages made at home

Basic homemade sausage recipe:

mild italian

10 lbs boneless pork butt

4 tbls salt

2 tsp black pepper

1 tbls fennel seed

1 tbls caraway seeds

1 tbls coriander

1 tblsp italian parsley

Our last batch of sausages was made with pork from Harrington Lane Farms you can check out their facebook  and  website for more information.

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