‘The Feelings’ Were Unexpected


The past couple of weeks we’ve been running around in a whirlwind. We have decided to start looking for a new home…our ‘forever’ home. When we moved into this house it was never our plan for it to be our long term home. But here we are, going on 12 years in it and we’re feeling cramped. We are outgrowing this house and we finally have all agreed that it’s time to look for the house we want to be our last home. Two weeks ago, this was not a blip on the radar so you can see where the whirlwind comes in to play. The last two weeks have been filled with bank appointments, realtor meetings, house renos and so much more.

When the realtor came through our home she left us with a list of things to do, which happily, was the same as the list we had already jotted down in anticipation. It’s basically just a lot of painting. Grey painting to be exact. We like color in our home and apparently buyers do not 😉 This weekend I painted our ‘orange room’. I thought because I was ready to move on from this house that it wouldn’t be an issue for me to let go of simple things like the wall colors. Mid way through the painting, the walls were mostly grey and I started to get hit with ‘the feelings’. I was sad to see the orange go. It’s been orange for a long time. It was painted orange in anticipation of our using it as a nursery. It sat set up but empty of a baby for a couple of years before we were finally able to put it to use. In the years of waiting, I never changed the walls because I never gave up hope that it would be used. Even though this room is not the room my son currently uses, it was hard to cover those walls with something so…..plain.

Now that that room is done, it should be smooth sailing with the others. So I’m on to the next one and I’m looking forward to (hopefully soon) be able to put our color back into our forever home.

When you moved homes, have you ever had ‘the feelings’ hit you when you least expected them to?

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