Don’t Want To Adult…..


This week has been rough and today I feel like I need to have a little break down so I’m going to. I don’t want to adult anymore. And you can’t make me.

Yesterday started rough with a cranky kiddo from the minute his feet hit the floor. I was never so happy to see the school bus come and if I had of had a friend around (and liked wine) I would not have turned down a drink at 7:30am 😉

This morning – not much better although the crankiness and fighting had a purpose to it. He woke up with the mindset that he was going to save up his chore money to buy a puppy….ahhhh…let me think about that. NOOOPE! Our house has been doggy free for just over a year and to be honest, with him getting older and in more sports/extras we’re on the go a lot and it’s just not fair to bring a new puppy into our lives right now.

So, since it’s Friday afternoon with the smell of a long weekend in the air, I’m done. I’m not adulting anymore.

I’m going to make a blanket fort to hide in. I’m going to color and crochet (which by the way, I’ve started a FB page with my crochet items if you want to check it out here) and listen to music or have quiet time. Whatever I feel like at the moment. So, if anyone’s looking for me, sorry. I’m not adulting today – fend for yourselves until Daddy gets home.

Don't want to adult

My latest picture done in my new fave coloring book

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