Donate pop tabs !~


Donating has become somewhat of an obsession of mine. There is nothing that feels better or more rewarding than helping out other’s in need. One of the many ways that our family contributes to other’s in need is with pop tabs. Tabs for wheelchairs is a husband and wife team that collects , sorts and stores pop tabs year round for those in need of a wheelchair or scooter etc. Many people believe the tabs are melted down and used to make the wheelchairs but this is a myth. The tabs are kept and then sold at the best price to a metal scrapers in order to get the most money to put towards the cost of the needed device. Typically there are 2-4 recipients that are able to receive the much needed device thanks to tabs for wheelchairs. The husband and wife team actually hand pick the recipients on a most needed basis in Ontario. For many years our family has collected the most tabs and one year we turned in over 100 lbs of tabs to the cause.


Pop tabs for donations

Beginning of my donation


If your interested in joining the crusade and are able to drop off the tabs in Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto, Haliburton or St.Catharines Ontario send us an email and we will provide you with an address for drop off. Some fabulous ideas to collect the tabs are that you can ask family and friends, local bars/restaurants and placing ads online.




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