CocoVie Naturals Review


Cocovie Naturals coconut jams are a GREAT alternative to jams and jellies without the added refined sugars and preservatives. I was happy to find that the coconut jams had only 2-3 ingredients and an amazing alternative for those seeking healthier options and for refined sugar substitutes.

The texture of the jam was more like a smooth spread (think PB texture) rather than a jam (jelly) and they had a sweet taste. They would be great for many uses not just on toast or crackers but  also added into recipes and, as the jar states, right out of the jar! We found the coconut taste subtle and not overpowering and was happy to find that at room temperature the jam has a shelf life of 18 mths…excellent! ~Not that it will be around that long!~

CocoVie Coconut Jam

Thick and creamy

The original coconut jam, I was surprised to find out, had ONLY two ingredients: raw coconut milk and organic coconut sugar. The kids enjoyed the jam on pancakes this morning and went back for seconds. We also tried the pineapple and mango which were much like the original but with a taste of the tropics. If you like either of those fruits then you need to give this a try!


Karen tried out three other flavours and here’s her thoughts:

I tried out the Coconut Vanilla, Coconut Guava and Coconut Chocolate jams and I am surprising myself by saying my favourite out of the three was the Coconut vanilla! I seriously thought it would be the chocolate hands down. So lets break it down a bit – the Coconut Vanilla had such a nice flavour! I found that the vanilla worked in perfect harmony with the coconut and to be honest, it was the only one of the three that I could truly pick out the coconut taste. Neither of the flavours overwhelmed the other – just perfect together! I enjoyed this as a snack on some melba toast.


The Coconut Chocolate was pretty darn good to, but I have to say, I found it a bit too sweet. It is the fave of everyone else in the house though. My son loves it on his toast in the mornings. I don’t find it to have a chocolate taste at all which I think is what bumped it down my list.


CocoVie Coconut Jams

Look at all the delicious flavours!

If you’re a fan of Guava then you will 100% enjoy the Coconut Guava jam! The guava flavour really comes out in this one once the initial sweetness wears off. I find that guava is something you either love or you don’t. It’s a hard flavour to describe. This jam was not as thick as the rest of them, although still more of a spread texture over a jelly one. I think that this particular jam would be super good as a fruit dip! I could completely see dipping some berries into this for a snack – yum! And one more thing – the SMELL from the jams is just to die for! They have the most amazing scent – all of them! It was actually the first thing that my husband commented on when we opened each one up.


I was happy to know that Cocovie jams are a great option for people with dietary restrictions as well. They are 100% natural , vegan and gluten-free.  Cocovie also carries a line of personal care products and more that you can check out on their website  and place orders if you see something that catches your eye. They also have a store locator so you can find out where they are sold near you. Check them out on facebook to at




We were provided with these products to do this review. We were not compensated in any other way. All opinions are our own.


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