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automtic blood pressure monitor


As a child growing up having a nurse for a mother regular out of the blue blood pressure checks were the norm in our house. My mother passed many years ago and I know this Gurin Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor that I was sent to review would have been a dream come true for her. And I know it will be a regular item used in our home to monitor my families health.

The monitor is an upper-arm unit with an easy fit cuff with a circumference of 9″-13″ it is super easy to apply and is meant to be applied approximately 1 inch above the elbow it’s very handy with indicators right on the cuff to ensure proper application. Once the cuff is applied You can simply press a button on the machine and it will inflate and deflate recording your human/ diastolic blood pressure (30-280mmHg) and your pulse rate (40-199beats/min) . The screen is a large LED multi function display that also includes date, time, battery level indication (uses 4x AA) , WHO (World Health Organization) indicator, and alarm setting and my absolute favourite feature is the memory feature , the monitor can record up to 60 readings allowing you to monitor your families health and also to share your readings with your health care professional.

Watch the video below to see just how easy this is:


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I received this product for free in order to facilitate this review all opinions are my own.

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