Amiba Monsters


In the eight years my son has been around, we’ve gone through some pretty fun items. This one has topped our list of items for the last four years. It’s never out of our vehicle nor is it ever out of his reach when in the car. The Amiba Monsters are fantastic if your kiddo likes to fall asleep in the car. The unique shape of them ensure that your child’s head doesn’t slump forward or sideways when they fall asleep.

amiba monster

When my son was smaller he would hug it to his front and had a fantastic little cradle for his head. Now that he’s in a backless booster, he likes to put one end against the door and the ‘arms’ of the amiba go around his neck for him to lean on.

Our Amiba Monster is an older one, but the newer styles come with a poach on the back for your child to store little items such as iPods, little note pads, etc. The cool thing about these monsters is that each Amiba is different from the next so your child’s amiba is truly unique. Another fun aspect is that they each come with a birth certificate. When my son first got his he thought it was cool that his monster’s birthday was the same as his Grampies.

Since we purchased our original one, they have expanded a bit. You can now get adult/teen pillows AND (my new fave!) you can get hot/cold amibas monsters for those bumps, bruises or fevers! We recently bought one at a local craft and vendor show they were set up at but I since have decided we need at least one more so that we always have one in the freezer.

Just a couple of days after we got our hot/cold amiba my son came down with a bit of a fever. He loved the amiba sack while he was not feeling well. He would put it on his chest to help him cool down and allowed him to fall asleep.

aminba monster

For a while he had a headache and he loved how well it stayed in place and covered everywhere that ached. He usually would put a cold wet cloth on his head but this is so much better to use. No wet pillow or sheets to worry about.

amiba monster

You can purchase accessories to add to your amiba monsters such as a flower, car, phone shaped patches and more. These pillows are not only great for the car but they can be used for nursing as well. These make great gifts so go check them out!

You can find them on Facebook, you can order via their website OR you can find them set up at the Halifax Seaport Market if you are in the Halifax, NS area. I also bump into them at various craft/vendor shows around the city as well so if you’re out and about keep your eyes open for them.



**I was not asked to review this product, nor have I been compensated for my review. I simply love this product for my family.

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