Alokozay Tea Review


By now, it’s no secret, I’m not a tea drinker. Hand me a double double coffee or French vanilla and we’re on. Tea I find is an acquired taste and I haven‘t aquired it yet. It just doesn’t come naturally to me so when I got some samples to try from Alozokay Tea I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find anything that I would like.

I was really happy to see some fruit flavoured teas. I mean, really, who can go wrong with strawberry flavoured anything? So of course it was the first one I steeped and guess what? I LIKED it! Yes, I liked it so much I made a second cup!. It smelled wonderful and didn’t have a strong flavour to it at all. There was a hint of berry flavour to it but for a beginner tea drinker, the taste was very mild and easy on the tongue. I did find that as it cooled off I like it even more. I think this tea would make a wonderful ice tea.

I had my husband try the Black Tea – I just didn’t think I could handle that one. He enjoyed it with a bit of milk and a smidge of sugar. He said that if there are any Orange Pekoe fans out there they would definitely like this. It’s very similar except for being a tad bit stronger in flavour.

Alokozay Tea1

Black tea in to steep

We made the Green Tea into an ice tea for something different. I enjoyed it. I found myself reaching for it throughout the day. It has a nice light taste. I added just a bit of sugar to it in my glass and it was perfect. I could see this being a big thing , especially in the summer months.

Alokozay has many different teas – there’s sure to be something for everyone. They have a wonderful mixed tea chest that has been given the title of Canada’s 2013 Product of the Year! How great is that?

Alokozay tea2

Look at all these choices!

Thank you to Alokozay tea re sponsoring us in another giveaway and review. This time we were given the loose tea to review in green tea, black and earl grey. Earl Grey is one of my favourite teas as a child my parents always drank Earl Grey tea. The loose teas Alokozay sent were in beautiful collector tins and I was overjoyed to give them a brew as I am unlike Karen and I am a tea freak …

Alokozay Tea3

Great for relaxing

I found the Earl Grey to have an intoxicating scent and the bergamot  flavour blend was perfect. The flavour was not too overpowering and was very soothing without the bitterness you can sometimes find in an Earl Grey. This is a definate  for the Earl Grey lover.

Alokozay Tea4

Just look at that wonderful loose tea!

Green tea is also a HUGE favourite in our home as we love to pair it with our Japanese cuisine that we enjoy often and for the suggested health benefits. I found the Alokozay Tea Canada loose green tea to be very refreshing and light while still very flavourful and the aroma was wonderful. The leaves were very chunky and bright green in colour and worked GREAT in my bodum.

Alokozay Tea5

Loose green tea is one of my faves.

I absolutely loved the Alokozay loose teas and tins there is always something soothing and sets the ambiance for me when sipping on my tea and I would definately recommend the Alokozay tea line for the tea lover. -Kaley

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They have many ways to get in contact with them so don’t hesitate! Check them out on their website and find out where to purchase and more info on their products at  , they’re also on Facebook at . They often run great promotions on their Facebook page so keep checking in with them. They currently have a contest going on until Dec.15, 2013 for a chance to win an iPad. They are on Twitter at  and follow them for great ideas on Pinterest at


I was provided with samples of their products in exchange for my review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own. I was not required to give a good review.

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