Adults Should Know Better…


I’m a soccer mom and sometimes sitting in the stands, I over hear conversations simply out of proximity. I don’t mean to listen but sometimes it just happens. Tonight, I heard something that made my blood boil….

I don’t understand, why after all we know about body shaming, that it continues to roll out of some people’s mouths like they were telling someone about the weather…….but tonight, someone was taking it to a new level…body shaming a child. Yep. A little girl. An innocent little girl who was about 8-9 years old got body shamed by not just one, but two older *ahem* ladies.

Now, adults (male or female) have a hard enough time trying to handle body shaming but HOW are our children supposed to handle what many adults can’t? So the conversation went something like this:

Little girl stood up and stretched. Lady 1 said “Look at that pop tart tummy hanging out there…looks like a sugar baby”…..Little girl walks away and Lady 2 chimes in with “She’s getting quite the tummy on her isn’t she?”

Little girl comes back and Lady 1 begins to lecture her about food and then grills her about what she had to eat today…I mean, she made her list every. single. thing that she put in her mouth that day….

adults should know

My blood was boiling and my husband knew it but he kept nudging me to mind my business. I kept doing the loud throat clearing and giving the sideways dirty look to the ladies…luckily, the game was over or I would have had to say something. On the way past the little girl I made sure to give her a compliment…I’m not sure I handled the situation correctly by not saying something but I hope that she might have been able to put a little more confidence into a compliment from a stranger then the lecture from ‘the Ladies’.

What would you have done if you had of been me? **Let me edit to add that the girl was with her mom who didn’t say anything**

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