7 Steps to an Eco Friendly Cottage

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April is earth month which makes it a great time think about how to do your part in preserving the environment and make it safer and cleaner for years to come. Your home away from home, your escape from reality or the city, your family vacation spot or your way to get closer to nature. There are many ways that you can go greener at your cottage or cabin that can make a big impact on the environment’s carbon footprint and put cash back into your pocket (yes please). There are so many ways we can make these changes for little or NO cost and that only improves our lives and saves us both time , money and the planet. We have gathered 7 tips on making the move to making your cottage or cabin more eco-friendly so you can enjoy with your family and friends and a have peace of mind of doing your part while you take advantage of the scenery and sip margaritas dockside:


Plant your own garden, landscape with native plants,use a composter, use rain barrels, use solar lighting, cook on an open fire,open windows to let in fresh air, go for walks and best of all if possible cool down and have a blast and jump in the lake.

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nature at its best




Reduce food miles by eating locally which will reduce your consumption of processed foods and what better way to get to know your community by getting to know your local farmers and artisans. Better yet don’t forget your reusable market bag to bring home your healthier options for your family and I have to say local foods always taste better. Have a peek or get listed in our Canadian shop local business listing here.



An easy way to become more eco friendly and save is to stop using hazardous cleaners, toiletries and use natural products such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon. Try your hand at homemade shampoos, cleaners, lotions etc. Check out our homesteading board on Pinterest for ideas .


Making easy repairs can be a big difference in going greener fixing leaky faucets, repairing drafts on doors and windows, if affordable upgrading toilets, electronics and appliances to more eco friendly choices and installing low-flow shower heads.


When decorating your cottage or cabin look for natural and environmentally friendly products for flooring, paints, fabrics and try to visit local garage sales or make think by hand.


Now a days the three R’s are the norm in our lifestyles and the more we do the better. Recycle furniture, donate to locals, use reusable containers and get rid of one use items and the use of them such as razors and use reusable water bottles.



There are many ways we can reduce our energy consumption such as darkening windows during the day, drying clothes outside, replacing light bulbs with those that are more energy efficient, forego luxuries at the cottage such as computers, HD tv’s etcs , unplug and turn lights off during the day and also by installing a smart thermostat:

smart thermostat

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Ecobee, however, all opinions are my own.





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