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joanne having a menopause meltdown and screaming Menopause Meltdown it really fits, believe me.  I am new to this menopause thing and so far 'WE ARE NOT AMUSED".  I went to the doctor recently and saw a medical student.  I swear she looked 12 years old!  I needed some prescriptions refilled nothing epic.  During my appointment I got a hot flash.  The 12 year old err... the student decided to question me about my symptoms. I will not lie, I don't remember half of what she said.  I was on fire and trying to deal with that.  I wanted to Read more [...]

Salad pizza slices So , this happens to be one of our favourite meals, especially in the summer time when no one wants to be cooking. It's the ONLY way my husband will eat a salad. It can be eaten as an appetizer, a side (we often pair it with garlic fingers or a grilled chicken breast) or on it's own as the full meal. Ingredients:  Pizza crust (can make your own or buy a pre-made crust in the bakery section of your grocery store). Salad dressing of your choice Salad toppings of your choice (we like Caesar Read more [...]

KD inside of red maple leaf Lypsyl - everyone could use it. We're happy to be a sponsor for Purple Monster Coupons ~ with winter coming, everyone could use some help for their lips. Come get entered! Sponsor: Kaley Davies Host: Purple Monster Coupons Kaley Davies blog is made up of three moms in three different stages of motherhood & life. They are in 3 different parts of Canada and have a diverse array of interests between them. They love bringing you product reviews, contests, & more while sharing their lives Read more [...]

Verilux lamp used on desk   Do you suffer from the winter blahhs ? Is your energy level at a low ? Do you find it hard to focus and feel sleepy ? Well we have the solution for you! With the Verilux Liberty 10k Natural Spectrum Energy Lamp you can enjoy the many benefits of light therapy.Verilux Happylights provide broad spectrum light therapy that stimulates the eye's photoreceptors and offers photopic light and scotopic light that reduces the size of the pupil and relaxes the eye providing comfortable light Read more [...]

New baby For most people, luckily, the journey to parenthood is fairly smooth, painless and maybe even fun. For me? It was rough. We had a bumpy road. In fact, we had almost 5 years of 'bumps' with unexplained infertility. Unexplained...it sucked! No apparent reason...no answers...that meant that our path of treatments were all being done blind. Hit or miss with none of our options having a great success rate charted for us since the doctors didn't have a reason as to the cause of our issues. At the start Read more [...]

twitter bird on a laptop Know of a Canada friendly twitter party going on in November? Link them up! Include the link to the RSVP page (or just the info page if no RSVP is required) in the URL box, and put the party #, date & time (In EST) in the Name box. Not sure how to take part in a Twitter Party? Find some information and tips HERE    Read more [...]

Must Love giveaways pink sign for October linky Have a Canadian friendly contest? This link up runs from October 27 - 31 so feel free to link it up with us for some extra promotion. Don't have any to add? Just enter all the ones listed :) Please include the prize, end date and who can enter. MUST be Canadian friendly. NO US ONLY contests - they will be removed. **NOTE: This link up is for CLEAN LINKS only. Referral links are not allowed and will be removed** So, lets get going. Add your link, check out the others.  Good luck!! Read more [...]

pic of Toyota's logo & contest information Our friends over at Whitby Toyota Scion are giving away a $50 Tim's card when they reach 2000 fans on the page! HURRY over and fill out the from (Found HERE) for your chance to win! Share it after entering for some extra ballots - the faster they get to their goal the faster you could be named a winner!! *Note - this is not a referral link , we simply have teamed up with them to try to help them reach their goal* Read more [...]


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