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picture of 3 cats laying on a bed Shit Disturber, Satan and Slash are my 3 cats, SD for short.  Slash is the princess and gets along with everyone.  If she does not like something she just runs to my son.  SD is huge and whiny as hell.  He is a talker and constantly complaining about Satan who is forever stalking and bugging him.  Satan is the youngest and he is a brat.  He follows SD around like a shadow which drives SD crazy.  I hear SD hissing and growling a dozen times a day. It has become routine that Satan gets Read more [...]

Buckslide Dog Treats Buckslide dog treats are  100% Canadian dehydrated dog treats that are locally sourced and produced and is owned by Pat Monaghan and Nancy Charlton in the Algonquin Highlands. What started as a tiny garage operation has now turned into a manufacturing facility where the owners personally prepare and dehydrate the treats themselves. With the concerns in what goes into our pets foods now a days I was happy to know Buckslide treats are 100% natural too. We were asked to review a bag of Buckslide Read more [...]

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We Don't Share Imagine, as an adult, your friend (or complete stranger even) comes up to you and holds out his/her hand and says "I like your car. Share your keys with me because I want it to". Not being asked or given a choice , but being toldr. Now imagine being forced to give up the keys to your car to this person because you're expected to 'share' what you have. Even though you love it, even though you are using it & even though it's the most important thing in the world to you at that moment. It's crazy Read more [...]

Slobbers Dog Treats Our fur babies are an important part of our family and it is just as important to provide them with healthy nutritious diets as it is for the rest of our family members. We need to make educated decisions when deciding on what to feed our family.  At Slobbers Organic Dog Treats high standards are what they believe and deliver. High quality ingredients that are easily digested containing no grains, fillers and no chemical preservatives is what they deliver and is free of pesticides and free of GMO's Read more [...]

We're really excited to be able to work with another wonderful group of bloggers to bring you another great giveaway. Enter to win below - great gift ideas with the holidays coming up quickly! Good luck! Photos courtesy of The Roaming Peddlers' Etsy store.   Welcome to The Roaming Peddlers Build-A-Unicorn Giveaway Sponsored By: The Roaming Peddlers Hosted By: Mixed Bag Mama              In honor of Mixed Bag Mama's daughter turning 2, she has put together a giveaway event Read more [...]

picture of prizes We've done it again! We've teamed up with another great group to bring you another fantastic prize! Check out the contest details below and enter to win! Photos courtesy of For Small Hands' website. Welcome to the For Small Hands  $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway Sponsored By: For Small Hands Hosted By: Mixed Bag Mama             In honor of Mixed Bag Mama's daughter turning 2, she has put together a giveaway event to celebrate! All week long, you will have a chance to win a variety Read more [...]

pic of Toyota's logo & contest information Our friends over at Whitby Toyota Scion are giving away a $50 Tim's card when they reach 2000 fans on the page! HURRY over and fill out the from (Found HERE) for your chance to win! Share it after entering for some extra ballots - the faster they get to their goal the faster you could be named a winner!! *Note - this is not a referral link , we simply have teamed up with them to try to help them reach their goal* Read more [...]


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