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Beatrix Girls Valentines Day Here's another great giveaway that we're taking part in for another great Beatrix Girls prize! Check it out! PopStar Inc. has partnered with Enter Here Canada and a range of fabulous bloggers to bring you an exclusive Beatrix Girls giveaway! The Beatrix Girls are four twelve inch tall dolls with modern style and real pop songs. With music that girls can relate to, and tons of fab accessories, these girls know how to create a good time. And they want to bring some of that fun into your life Read more [...]

MittGrips change winter I know I've already kind of introduced you to MittGrips in a previous post (which you can see HERE) but they were kind enough to send me a pair to try out and let you know how incredibly awesome they are from my own experience with them. We were provided with a pair of brown MittGrips and my little guy was so excited when they came that he wanted to go outside right that moment. Who cares that it was dark out (so sorry, there are no outside pics here as I just couldn't get them to turn out) but Read more [...]

dehydrated veggie chips Easy peasy beet and zucchini chips that don't last in our home (a bowl doesn't last a day). And you just can't beat (no pun intended) a healthy nutritious snack that you can provide for your family. I decided to make these beet and zucchini chips about  year and a half ago and we have enjoyed them regularly ever since and I hope you do too!~ Cut zucchini and beet into thin slices I used a hand slicer that I have , toss in olive oil and sea salt than place on sheets and place in dehydrator until Read more [...]

FLOW cutting board It's no secret that I love to cook but the one thing I had given up on with my cooking prep was a cutting board. I've gone through so many of them but they always fell short of what I wanted out of them and they would always end up in the garbage. I had one that was so slippery it would slide all over the counter when I tried to cut on it, another was not dishwasher friendly (and I dislike not being able to clean things in the dishwasher), another was so heavy that I had a hard time moving it around....I Read more [...]

decongestant shower tablets EEKS I am in love with these decongestant shower tablets and they are sooo easy!~ I made them with items already in my pantry so ...awesome sauce! And what perfect timing with chilly days, snow storms and sickness at their peak I think we have a real winner here! As a child one of the many things we always had when we were sick was a mentholatum rub it was one of those things that made you feel "home" and like you were being nurtured. Just the smell brings back many memories and in our household Read more [...]

a pictirue of the kaley davies logo You've been waiting patiently and now the time has come once again...... It's time for the Winter Warm up Giveaway - our next multi-sponsor giveaway!!!! This time around we have 7 amazing sponsors and you know what that means...we're going to have 7 winners!! Let your friends and family know, they're going to want in on this too. So, don't wait any longer, check out the prizes pictured below (you can click on the picture to go check them out!) and then get entering!                               *Contest Read more [...]

walmart portrait session Here's a GREAT deal a limited time FREE portrait session at Walmart , one per family - ends soon! and a freebie if you share with three friends ...enjoy!~ Click here   Read more [...]

Must love giveaways! Don't miss out Have a Canadian contest? Feel free to link up with us. Please include the prize, the end date and state who can enter (MUST be Canadian friendly though, No US only contests please, they will be removed!). So, lets get started, add your link then check out the others and enter some for yourself! **Note that this linkie is for clean links only. Referral links are not permitted and will be removed**     Read more [...]

knitting for charity I am so excited to tell you about Rosie's friends a NEW concept that my cousin has come up with and initiated and offer you our readers another chance to pay it forward. Most of you know I have a slight obsession with charity work and it is one of my many passions and this is one I think a lot of you may be interested in. If any of you knit or crochet or can even donate some wool you are helping in a BIG way. What Rosies friends is doing is currently making beanie hats and tiny matching blankets Read more [...]

Cube instagram stream Cube wants to help you bring a whole new level to your Instagram. What would you think if I told you that you can stream your Instagram feed directly on the Cube? You can make Instagram part of your decour  if you'd like. I was sent a Cube so let me give you a bit of information on how and what the Cube is (Stay tuned, I'm also going to be giving you a discount code!). First of all, the Cube is a touchscreen device that you can connect to WIFI and then sign into your Instagram account on. It Read more [...]
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